Online Platform

Our company grows through acquisitions and cooperative agreements with companies that have high potential and capabilities of achieving sustainable growth, resulting in a rapidly acquiring market share.In this context, the Company operates the website for online CBD oil-based products, entering dynamically a breakthrough industry combining online sales with in-store and work places vending.

SD Micro Markets

  • One Step Vending Inc.’s subsidiary, SD Micro Markets, has demonstrated that its systems offer competitive and proprietary features, while leveraging its lower costs to result in recurring profits, for its small or large account holders 
  • Our flexible systems are so cost-effective, that they can deliver a full service MicroMarket to any sized account, while focusing on growth specifically in the 50-300 user per location range. 
  • Our clients gain access to more accounts, greater revenue, and lower overall costs.  We can assemble a complete MicroMarket, fully loaded with next generation software, for less cost than any of our MicroMarket competitors.  Additionally, our MicroMarket systems handily outperform more expensive, traditional vending machines.




Business Strategy

One Step Vending, has a long term strategy for growth, based on the following five main pillars:
Creating an iconic brand

Focusing on a broad targeted market

Developing strong partnerships and lasting relationships with our customers

Developinga strong core business and establishing a sustainable competitive position in an emerging industry. The sales and marketing strategy will move as quickly as possible into this designated market segment that represents excellent growth potential.

Our strategic positioning focuses on what consumers value when making their purchasing decisions and is adaptive by developing attributes such as performance, quality, service and customization.



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