One Step Vending Inc.’s Micro Markets were designed so that they can replace traditional vending machines or enhance almost any combination of on-site services, bringing remarkable convenience and options to the workplace experince.

Our MicroMarkets are unattended minimarkets, right in the workplace providing:

  • Easy-to-use technology
  • PCI-compliant payment system protecting employees’ data
  • Use credit card or employee key card
  • Temperature control keeping fresh food safe
  • Great variety of healthy snack options

One Step Vending has identified a disruptive path to building a profitable business on a national basis, as well as to build a Software as a Service (SaaS) business that will allow it to scale in the $7Billion dollar vending industry without creating unnecessary infrastructure

Our MicroMarkets are disrupting traditional vending locations by increasing revenue and customer satisfaction by having more variety and deploying technology to increase the customer experience, and affording incredible margins and low maintenance requirements to our operators.

MicroMarkets boost operator revenue by up to 500% over traditional vending machines, which makes the payback period for a MicroMarket 6 months, instead of 2 years or more.

One Step Vending has created turnkey solutions for vending companies across the country that want to transition to MicroMarkets.  We will provide:

  • All fixed equipment required
  • All electronics required for inventory, and checkout (including wireless connection)
  • All software required to manage locations remotely

The software is developed – the brand has been created and is being rolled out.


Complete Back-End Reporting:

  • View all your accounts in one place, from any device.
  • Complete Sales and Revenue Reporting
  • View live customer feedback and communicate directly with users from any device
  • Full system status reporting and trouble shooting
  • Gain access to comprehensive analysis to target new opportunities, increase revenue and deliver superior service
  • Markets provide an administrative dashboard for real time monitoring
  • Critical information on product availability, security issues, revenue, etc. is provided.
  • The system provides Big Data Analysis for monitoring trends and predicting issues and opportunities in the future.